Advertising at the gas station

Gas station is a place of constant cross-consumer audience. This type of advertising is one of the most effective on the market. Advertising is located within sight of the client to the gas station. Time of refueling the car, payment, and sales of the product, is the most effective way to present brands and services. In these areas, the customers have enough time to pay attention to advertising.

benefits of advertising at the gas station

A clearly defined target audience

  • Advertising your company will see people who have a car that is initially have a certain level of prosperity. You have the ability to group advertising information by brand of fuel, by geographic location and by brand Stations. This allows a high degree of probability to determine the type of the recipient of advertising messages.

Repeated and prolonged contact with the carrier

  • Considering that each car few times a week goes at the gas station, the number of contacts with ads get bigger - it promotes good memorability.
  • It's no secret that customers use the same gas station. There are two reasons: the proximity of the gas station and a conscious choice by filling in the personal preferences. And in either case, advertising on stations reaching an important goal - the introduction into the consciousness of the consumer advertising information through a clear periodicity of accidental or intentional viewing the ad.

Quality of contact with the advertising carrier

  • In the process of refuelling or waiting for it, the driver and passengers are not focused on the road, so they are more inclined to the positive perception of information. It's time for a detailed study of the advertising placed on Stations.

The possibility of geographic planning

  • To date, the company has successfully installed and serviced by the construction of more than 2,000 gas stations in Russia.

Cost of advertising

  • Advertising at the gas station cheaper than other types of advertising. It allows you to conduct an extensive advertising campaign within a limited budget.

city form ar the gas station

The design of "City-form" - the most popular and widely used in outdoor advertising (width - 1.2 m, height - 1.8 m). It is a one-sided or double-sided light advertising vehicle. The device design allows for its maintenance (changing advertising information) in a short time.

new in russian advertising

Advertising at the gas station - a relatively new and rapidly developing field of advertising in Russia. It is positioned as an inexpensive, easy to use and highly effective tool for promoting products and services. The increase in traffic on the roads causes the increase in customer service stations. In the near future gas station after shopping and entertainment centers can make a platform for advertising expansion. The Russian car market is now the fastest-growing in Europe. Analysts estimate that over the next five years demand for cars in Russia will continue to grow. This will contribute to income growth and consumer lending. These circumstances determine the development of refueling business and the formation of the market of advertising services in the gas station.