Advertising at the gas station of the Republic of Tatarstan

AdvMediaGroup offers to place on new and effective forms of advertising media - city and poster format A2 (outdoor) at the gas station Tatneft.
Several advantages of this type of advertising:. 
  • long-term exposure to the advertising message
  • illuminated advertising field, measuring 1.8m x 1.2m (city size)
  • clear target audience
  • age: Men - 18 + (70%) -18 + women (30%)
  • optimal price-performance ratio
  • supporting your advertising by brand Tatneft (high confidence)


advertising at the gas station in Tatarstan
At the gas stations, in places of constant movement of people, to accommodate your advertising, aimed particularly at the station clients, we offer the most popular, convenient and understandable format - City-format. The size of the advertising field construction is 1,2 x1, 8m.
Unlike billboards in city format the poster is located on a small height above the ground. Interior lighting and high print quality combined with good creativity can easily attract the attention of potential customers.
AdvMediaGroup company actively explores behavioral factor of consumers, so we can confidently offer our customers placing on new formats, such as:

OUTDOOR poster

poster a2 outdoor at the gas station
Advertising panel is a one-way media, located on the pillar near the canopy fuel dispenser. A poster - A2 (basic 420x597mm advertising field, an additional field for clips from all sides - 150mm.
- one of the largest domestic oil companies, which operates as a vertically integrated group. The Company accounts for about 8% of the oil produced in Russia and more than 80% of the oil produced in Tatarstan. Now Russia has more than 500 stations of "Tatneft". High level of service and a variety of additional services are always waiting for customers at gas stations of our partner.


location of gas station in Tatarstan