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100% попадание в цель или где найти свою аудиторию

Already a whole year in the Yamalo-Nenets autonomous region is the placement of the company Avtodok.ru. Gazpromneft filling stations in the cities of Noyabrsk and Novy Urengoy have become sites for advertising popular service.
Advertising at the gas station has become one of the main channels of communication of the company with its customers. This is due to the fact that 100% of visitors to gas stations are buyers of auto parts and components for cars. The chosen format - a stand-topper and a city-format - provide guaranteed views of advertising information. The main feature of advertising at the gas station is its memorability - the refueling time is 7-10 minutes. This time is enough not only to get acquainted with advertising, but also immediately find a store on the Internet and make a purchase.

Avtodok.ru specializes in the supply of spare parts for cars, both foreign and domestic. The online store brings together more than 500 suppliers - more than 140 million offers for 36 million items of 1,400 brands.