Advertising media formats at the gas station


city form at the gas station
At the gas stations, in places of constant movement of people, to accommodate your advertising, aimed particularly at the station clients, we offer the most popular, convenient and understandable format - City-format. The size of the advertising field construction is 1,2 x1, 8m.
Unlike billboards in city format the poster is located on a small height above the ground. Interior lighting and high print quality combined with good creativity can easily attract the attention of potential customers.
Advertising Media Group company actively explores behavioral factor of consumers, so we can confidently offer our customers placing on new formats, such as:

OUTDOOR poster

poster a2 outdoor at the gas station
Advertising panel is a one-way media, located on the pillar near the canopy fuel dispenser. A poster format - A2 (basic 420x597mm advertising field, an additional field for clips from all sides - 150mm).

INDOOR poster

poster indoor at the gas station
INDOOR poster is a two-way media, suspended from the ceiling at the gas station mini-markets. This design allows demonstrating two posters at the same time. This placement is an additional reminder of the purchase of goods or services, which are mini-markets in the gas station. Poster format - 0,60x0,90m.

Brochure Holder

brochure holder at the gas station
Brochure Holder is a rack for distribution of printed products. A client of gas station chooses ads that interested him, and therefore appeal to your product or service will follow immediately! Maximum format of printing products provided by the customer is A4.