Advertising Media Group - forward to new discoveries!

October 23 - the day of advertising worker. And, of course, in their professional holiday professionals Team Advertising Media Group met at his workplace. We live under the motto: Only forward! We develop, make new discoveries, expanding the geography of their activities. Particularly noteworthy, that on the day the employee advertising our working team enriched by several new employees who are eager to develop promotional activities and work in this creative, competitive environment.
Day of advertising in Russia - this is a wonderful occasion to congratulate our colleagues on their professional holiday! Therefore, we, on behalf of all our large and friendly team, we congratulate ourselves and all of our colleagues on the day of the brightest and most creative people that create, create, promote advertising! Happy advertising worker all of us! Hooray!
For information: Day of advertising - a professional holiday for all the compilers of advertising, advertisers, marketers and publicists of Russia. This holiday is celebrated since 1994, and during its existence it has already become a significant occasion to talk about what an important place in our lives takes advertising.