Completed winter campaign ŠKODA Superb

Ends ambitious advertising campaign of the new car ŠKODA Superb, held in Smolensk.
Advertising Media Group and auto-center "P-Auto" held a new car campaign ŠKODA range in Smolensk. The advertising campaign was held under the slogan "Proven Efficiency". The reliability and efficiency of the new car - one of the main characteristics that affect the customer's decision when buying a car.
Campaign ŠKODA Superb was launched in December last year at a refueling fuel companies Gazprom and Lukoil. Information has been installed on-Topper racks, which are placed on the fuel dispensers. With the information placed on the racks could freely available not only drivers, but also passengers of the car, as it is located at a low altitude and can be seen from the car window.

When refueling, each driver received a flyer with details about the new car ŠKODA Superb and conditions of purchase in the auto center "S_Avto". Distribution of leaflets carried by a gas station staff.