Day of real men!

Happy Defender of the Fatherland, dear man!
Collective Advertising Media Group congratulates all men with courage holiday, honor and strength. We wish you inexhaustible vitality, optimism and peaceful sky. Remember, man - it's support for women, pride and protection for the country!
Congratulations! Hooray! Hooray! URAAAA!
For reference: February 23 is celebrated one day of military glory of Russia - the Day of Defender of the Fatherland. This date was established by the Federal Law "On the days of military glory and anniversaries of Russia", adopted by the State Duma and signed by Russian President Boris Yeltsin March 13, 1995. Used to be considered that the February 23, 1918 the Red Guard detachments have won their first victory at Pskov and Narva over the regular troops of the Kaiser's Germany. Here are the first victory and become "the birthday of the Red Army."