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March 8 - celebration of feminine beauty!

On International Women's Day, ladies!
Advertising Media Group sincerely congratulates all women with light, warm and sincere 8th of March. It has long been a woman - homemaker, creator of comfort and harmony. Of course, in today's world, every girl, a girl and a woman committed to the development, excellence in work (by the way, no way inferior to men), and at home.
We want each of the fair sex to achieve all the objectives set out in front of him, to be a source of heat and light for others and to find their women's happiness. Let the snow melts, leaving a cold, but in my heart will always be a spring mood. With a wonderful spring day - 8th of March!

For reference: 8 March - International Women's Day (International Women's Day) - World Women's Day, which also celebrated the achievements of women in the political, economic and social fields, celebrated the past, present and future of women in the world. In our country, Women's Day is celebrated since 1921. The modern celebration of Women's Day no longer has a purpose statement of equality, and is considered day of spring, female beauty, tenderness, wisdom and mental attention to a woman, regardless of its status and age.