New offer from Metro: «for those with whom begins holiday"

Rapidly approaching New Year holidays, the city dressed in the bright lights, shop windows are filled with Christmas products. METRO Cash & Carry offers a unique and advantageous action to its customers.
Advertising Media Group advertising campaign in petrol stations for Metro Cash & Carry. Campaign lasts three months in the Central Federal District. In December, at petrol stations Lukoil and Tatneft New posters appeared "New Year! Celebrate with the Metro. " On December 10, 2015 on January 1, 2016 celebrate the New Year together with METRO - especially for the holiday effect many unique offerings for a wide range of products in different categories.
About the company: Holding METRO GROUP was founded in 1996. Today the company METRO Cash & Carry is represented by more than 750 shopping centers in 26 countries.
To date, the Russian subsidiary of METRO Cash & Carry opened 83 shopping centers in 47 regions of the country. Number of employees exceeds 20 000.
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