Seventh heaven

At the gas stations of Adygea is an advertising campaign for the tourist complex.
Winter is in full swing and you can not miss the opportunity to spend time actively in the fresh air. At the gas station Lukoil for six months is an advertising campaign for the tourist complex "The Seventh Heaven". The advertising campaign extends in the capital of the Republic of Adygea, the city of Maikop.
The filling station as an advertising platform was chosen for the tourist complex "The Seventh Heaven" not by chance. Visitors to the gas station - people who have personal transport, which means people are mobile and active on the go. Bright posters attract attention and give full information about the complex.
The tourist complex is located in the heart of the Caucasus Mountains. The unique nature, healing air will make you forget about the bustle of the big city. The friendly staff of the complex will surround you with care and attention, and the local chef will enjoy dishes with a national flavor.
Many sightseeing routes and several options for active recreation are available for those who are vacationing in Seventh Heaven. Rest in the tourist complex will allow you to forget about all the problems, gain strength and feel yourself on the "seventh" sky!