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We are professional players in the ranking of Russian advertising market


Company Advertising Media Group included in the rating of Russia's main resource recruitment advertising agencies AllAdvertising.ru. To date, the specified rating AMG is one of the first places and is marked with "Editor's Choice AllAdvertising».

Such a high score - the result of tireless work of all employees Advertising Media Group in each of its department. Today the company has offices in many major cities of the country and continues to expand.

An example of this - the opening of new offices in the city of Orenburg, which was held in early November 2013. Despite the large geographical coverage and the number of advertising media, who are in possession of the company, we plans to further expand the geography of advertising at the gas station, thereby increasing the number of its customers.

AllAdvertising.ru - a resource that helps companies choose the most suitable to them agency providing certain services in the field of advertising. Their ratings resource forms based on several key indicators to compile the most complete picture of each individual representative market advertising services. Currently in ratings included more than 700 major advertising agencies in Russia.